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Last Updated
January 29, 2018

Please send all VHF radios to Texas Wing Conference for programing.

Texas Wing has received changes to the frequencies authorized for use in VHF FM radios. Texas Wing will also be implementing the "paging" function on all EF Johnson VHF FM radios.

ALL VHF FM radios MUST be reprogrammed to implement these changes.

The initial reprogramming for EF Johnson radios will be conducted at the Wing Conference. ALL units should arrange for ALL EF Johnson radios to be brought or sent to the Wing Conference on 2 Feb 18 for the installation of the 28 Jan 18 code plug.

The following notice is effective immediately:


The following channels in the listed radios are no longer authorized for use until the 28 Jan 2018 code plug is installed.

EF Johnson - All models

Zone 4, Channels 1 - 8

TDFM-136 (Aircraft radio)

Channels 50 - 57

NAT (Aircraft radio)

Channels 21 - 28


Channels 36 and 50 - 57

Notify the Texas Wing Director of Communications if any communications plans reference the use of these channels.

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